Colonies Online - a new Sci-Fi MMORPG about space colonization

This is about outer space, humans and monsters, sharp claws and teeth, running out of ammo so not in time - Colonies Online – a new Sci-Fi MMORPG with elements of sandbox gameplay.

Moscow, Russian Fed. — June 24, 2013 — Iron Bit company is announcing admission of space settlers for exploration and colonization of distant planets. Fit individuals with stable mentality, good tolerance of interstellar travels and ability to work in team are welcome. Extraterrestrial colonization is known to be a safe and fun thing to do. The first settlers are sure to enjoy the vast openness, amiable exotic landscapes, friendly flora and fauna. Do not be confused by the amount of ammunition all expeditions are equipped with – this is done solely to ensure everyone’s comfort and peace of mind. Natural resources abundant in the depths of uncharted planets and vitally important for the people of Earth, are waiting there to be taken.

Colonies Online trailer:

Colonies Online is a game world consisting of a great number of planets each with an area of thousands square kilometers. Game objective is to gain a foothold in the developed areas, either making headway single-handedly or creating enclaves with other players. Players united in an enclave can build colonies. Colony is a place where researches are conducted, equipment and resources are stored. Therefore, it is likely to become subject to intense interest of competitors. Overtaking a colony is a great opportunity to weaken the enemy as well as loot trophies.

The game’s philosophy is expressed in this statement: “Everything in the game is created by players themselves”. All in-game items are made by players through crafting system. In Colonies Online characters do not advance in level but obtain professions as sets of certain skills. The tree of professions and skills is also determined by the player. The game becomes spicier in open PvP mode, with opportunity to arrange battles of up to a hundred players at a time.

Key features:
- one universe composed of a great number of planets;
- game field of a planet is measured in thousands square kilometres;
- character shooter control top-side view;
- sophisticated crafting system;
- free construction on planet surface;
- flexible system of character skill development;
- open PvP mode;
- opportunity to participate in large-scale battles.

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About Iron Bit:
Iron Bit is a small independent team of game developers founded in 2013. At the moment the team is focused on realization of their first project - Colonies Online.

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Press contact:
Igor Mikhalchishin

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