Update 0.12.4 released

11.01.16 18:00

Dear colonists, we’re glad to announce the update 0.12.4. We began a thorough redesign of combat profession system, and this update already has some of the new features.

List of changes:

Combat profession and abilities
  • In anticipation of the profession system changes we removed the ultimate slot from profession tree, and replaced it with the regular “rank 7” slot. This means the abilities placed in this slot don’t get special form but rather become stronger.

  • Former ultimates of Kick and Dodge became separate abilities - Shockwave and Onslaught respectively.

  • There are two new passive abilities in the game now - Heat and Traveler. Take notice that strength of passive abilities do not depend on the slot rank. Later we will make separate slots dedicated for passive abilities.

  • Recharge ability has been changed. Instead of instantly replenish the shield it will gradually regenerate it over time.

  • A new vendor arrived at Outpost Delta. You can retrieve any ability item from him for no cost.

Options menu
  • Options menu has appeared in the game. You can configure video and audio there. Other options are coming later.

Bug fixes and improvements
  • The problem with placing constructions near other constructions has been fixed.

  • The Incinerate effect has been slightly nerfed.

Colonies Online game is in Early Access state – a lot of things are yet to be developed, we’re working on improving the game every day. If you encounter some serious bugs or technical difficulties, then let us know about them on the forums of the game or via e-mail: support@colonies-online.com!

Update 0.12.3 released

21.01.16 17:00

List of changes:

Game mechanics
  • new influence effects: incineration, freeze, explosion. Effects are binded to particular types of influences, and apply to player's weapons as well as monsters;

  • new "Teleport" construction. Allows to teleport to it, provided the character is on the same planet.

  • shotgun damage increased;

  • minigun durability increased;

  • resources sell price is ten times lower;

  • constructions purchase prices reduced;

  • rank vendors gained missing xenodin types.

Good luck with conquering planets!

Colonies Online on Facebook

18.01.16 14:00

Good news, colonists!

Colonies Online is now on Facebook! Follow us to find out all the latest news, suggestions and promotions. Visit our page today to view the video about new weapon type - minigun.

Update 0.12.2 released

29.12.15 17:00

List of changes:

Bug fixes and improvements
  • the 5th rank equipment is removed from the corresponding vendor items list;

  • rank equipment sold by mastery vendors now requires the right level of xenoms;

  • the reduction of maximum durability caused by coma/death is reduced to 7 points;

  • the quality of resource deposits is reduced on the planets starting from 3 and up;

  • the refining waste rate is reduced;

  • the strong door (same durability and shield as the strongest walls) is added to the constructions vendor;

  • added localized names of the new items;

  • bug with repair station and surgical station fee is fixed;

  • minigun crafting components now stack;

  • general crafting requirements were slightly changed.

Evacuation beacon
  • we had to remove the possibility to fast-travel to player’s base because of exploit which allowed players to get inside other players’ bases. We will reimplement this possibility after some improvements.

  • the jungle biome was further optimized.

Colonies Online game is in Early Access state – a lot of things are yet to be developed, we’re working on improving the game every day. If you encounter some serious bugs or technical difficulties, then let us know about them on the forums of the game or via e-mail: support@colonies-online.com!

Update 0.12.1 released

24.12.15 17:00

Big features:

Character visual customization
  • we're glad to announce that we've implemented the ability to customize the character, which is available during the creation phase. You can choose gender, appearance and haircut. The possibility to change the appearance of the existing characters will follow in the next update.

Heavy weapon - Minigun
  • the first member of heavy weapons has appeared in the game. These weapons are bulky and reduce the character's movement speed, which is easily compensated by the weapon power. In order to get the minigun you will have to sweat quite a bit while gathering resources and rare components, but the result is totally worth it!

List of changes:

Visual and interface improvements
  • new and improved login, character choosing/creation and loading screens;

  • item tooltips now include general description (what the item is, how it is used);

  • improved jungle biome;

  • all biomes density and objects count are optimized;

  • Item Pick Point container now has scrolling, which allows to pick up all the items without the need to re-login.

Game mechanics
  • the abilities activation time is reduced to 1 minute for all profession slots;

  • the refinement time is reduced to 5 seconds no matter the quality and quantity of the resource;

  • the resources waste rate during refinement is considerably increased;

  • evac beacon available points now do not include mission point and outpost Delta. You should use shuttle instead of direct jumps;

  • beacon jump to your own base now available, provided the base has at least 3 active power generators;

  • energy shields are removed from indoor devices, such as extractors, crafting stations and such. Thus the devices now consume less energy.

  • mastery vendors now sell ready-to-use sets of weapons and armor;

  • quality of resources in deposits is increased, which compensate the increased waste rate during refinement;

  • quantity of rare resource in deposit is decreased to 1;

  • the random noise of resources quality in deposits is removed;

  • resources requirements for crafting are changed in accord with new deposits parameters;

  • the chitinid lairs now have less health points;

  • mission rewards now include experience bonus;

  • constructions prices are increased;

  • equipment durability loss caused by character coma/death is reduced;

  • turrets power consumption is reduced.

Good luck with conquering planets!

Update 0.12.0 released

03.11.15 17:00

Dear soldiers of extraterrestrial front, we're happy to announce that long-anticipated update 0.12.0 is complete, tested and ready to welcome guests in a renewed world of Colonies. Among the most prominent innovations are: game client performance optimization, completely redesigned main location - outpost Delta, refreshed landscape pattern on the planets, character career arc, better logistics and complete rebalancing of economy, combat system and resources generation.

Main balance changes:

  • weapon and armor parameters were changed to greatly amplify the role of critical damage. Players have to take care of critical ratings and defense as much as they care about base damage and armor. One can't progress to more chalenging planets without it;

  • equipment durability loss and repair costs are now an important part of game economy. The higher the quality of an item - the higher upkeep it will require. Keep extra coin for emergency repairs and craft some spare units of equipment;

  • missions are now mainly used to earn money, but less effective in terms of experience and resources. When you have a solid financial situation - go to the wilderness to get drops from monsters and level up.

Detailed list of changes:

Visual and interface improvements
  • fixed reward display when completing a misson;

  • fixed shield battery indicator to display charge more accurately;

  • roofs hide correctly after loading;

  • fans hide correctly;

  • items sell price displayed in tooltips now use the correct formula;

  • vendor items now sort conveniently;

  • item names reworked and improved;

  • items tooltips cleaned of unnecessary information;

  • Attack Rating added to weapons tooltip;

  • hint about traveling via dropship added to easy missions description;

  • added new decorative constructions;

  • missions for different planets moved to different terminals;

  • mission markers added to mission monsters;

  • parameters of skills and bonuses are displayed correctly.

  • added PvP coefficient for critical and base damage;

  • added Neuronizer, item for reseting skill points distribution ;

  • added price for selling resources;

  • fixed bug when bonifications counter increased after item repair;

  • character arrives at landing pad after teleporting to Delta ;

  • entities with shield now have full shield right after loading;

  • added posibility to teleport to mission location;

  • rebalanced the experience reward for tutorial missions;

  • rebalanced combat level experience requirements;

  • formulas of skills and bonuses reworked;

  • basic weapons and armor now available at extremely low price at Delta;

  • repair price formula reworked;

  • added refineries with different quality limits;

  • monsters HP reduced on the 3rd tutorial mission;

  • monsters damage reduced on the 4th tutorial mission;

  • constructions HP and defense rebalanced;

  • added highlighting of monsters that were hit;

  • monsters damage and defense reworked;

  • added two small monster camps;

  • rifle now shoot through targets dealing damage on the way;

  • added hard mission to planet Leto (2nd planet);

  • combat experience reward removed from missions;

  • repair formula reworked;

  • turrets now consume a lot of energy and have low defense to prevent abuse;

  • shield and energy consumption removed from simple walls;

  • PvE balance configured for all planets;

  • monster stats scaling added for all planets;

  • monsters in the wilderness were organized as "families" which include soldiers, champions, elites and bosses;

  • influences and mutagens reconfigured;

  • planets reconfigured: landscape and resource deposits generation;

  • monster loot rebalanced, they give monster remains for sale, xenodin, bonicores, biomass, spare parts;

  • new vendors at the outpost Delta:

    • basic weapons;
    • basic armors;
    • 6 mastery vendors (armor frames, shield generators, quark batteries, xenodin, abilities);
    • 3 construction vendors (hull, devices, decorations);
    • general supplies vendor (bonification tokens, spare parts, evacuation beacons, ingots, resource diggers).

  • updated online shop;

  • updated items in starter packs.

At this moment it is known that on some systems performance problems can appear when player is at the new outpost Delta. We made our best to minimize it, but it's not perfect yet. We can promise that each new update will have better performance to the point when the problems are gone.

Good luck with colonizing!

Update 0.11.6 released

12.08.15 17:00

Colonists, all on board! This update is a small one, it is because right now we are hard at work creating a quite big amount of new and awesome content for you to play with in the next update, stay tuned for news. And right now you can try out our new system of interplanetary travel!

List of changes:

Transportation between planetary sectors
  • From now on ILUs won’t be your main way of travel between planetary sectors.

To travel from a sector to a sector, now you can use interplanetary shuttles – just approach the nearest landing glade and call a shuttle by clicking a special icon that will appear next to your minimap, it’s that easy. And of course, if your character falls somewhere in the wilds, you are totally able to respawn on your landing glade!

Miss your ILU? Don’t be afraid, in foreseeable future ILUs will make their return with a blast, packed with many new and much more useful features.

Bug fixes and improvements
  • Some small bugs were fixed.

Colonies Online game is in Early Access state – a lot of things are yet to be developed, we’re working on improving the game every day. If you encounter some serious bugs or technical difficulties, then let us know about them on the forums of the game or via e-mail: support@colonies-online.com!

Update 0.11.5 released

28.07.15 15:00

List of changes:

  • First tutorial missions are almost complete! Create your new character and participate in trials that VTI had organised for you. And feel free to share you opinion with us!

  • Now all pulse-rifles that you create have their own unique model that reflects their influence type – same as shotguns and scout rifles;

  • We’re continuing to improve the game balance. With this update we’re sligtly nerfing the long range scout rifles, but at the same time we’re buffing the pulse guns.

  • We are forbidding to sell all gathered resourses starting from this update – don’t be too worried, you will be able to craft constructions straight out of them quite soon.

Bug fixes and improvements
  • Slight improvements in functionality of missions;

  • Fixed some irritating bugs.

Colonies Online game is in Early Access state – a lot of things are yet to be developed, we’re working on improving the game every day. If you encounter some serious bugs or technical difficulties, then let us know about them on the forums of the game or via e-mail: support@colonies-online.com!

Update 0.11.4 released

17.07.15 17:00

Good news, colonists! With the release of this update we are continuing our hard work, both on improving the gameplay diversity and polishing of mechanics in Colonies Online. We can’t wait to hear your opinions and suggestions on our forums!

List of changes:

  • We’re introducing the first version of tutorial missions for the new players – this part of the game will continue to improve, in next updates we will be adding many more new elements to it, which will describe more difficult mechanics to our newcomers.

Right now you can create a new character and try the first part of our tutorial by yourselves – and do not forget to share your opinion with us!

New constructions
  • We’ve added some new constructions for you to decorate your colony! You can examine and purchase them at the Outpost Delta.

Animation and movement
  • The pack of new animations for Civil and Combat Modes has been added to Colonies Online, and also we’re introducing the auto-run option, you can turn it on and off by pressing "~" or "Num Lock" key.

  • Deposits of resources are now marked on your minimap – it means that spotting them now is much easier then before!

  • We made some changes in a system that responds for the variety of distribution of resources across the game world, now all the resources that you encounter will vary more between each other.

Shield generator
  • Your GUI are now indicates the charge level of a battery that powers your personal shield generator – from now it will be much easier to track the level of your defence system during firefights. Remember to change batteries in time!

Colonies Online game is in Early Access state – a lot of things are yet to be developed, we’re working on improving the game every day. If you encounter some serious bugs or technical difficulties, then let us know about them on the forums of the game or via e-mail: support@colonies-online.com!

Update 0.11.3 (HOTFIX)

17.06.15 18:00

List of changes:

Bug Fixes
  • Performance and stability of the game servers has been improved;

  • Fixed some minor bugs.

Update 0.11.2 (HOTFIX)

12.06.15 18:00

List of changes:

Bug Fixes
  • Performance and stability of the game client has been improved;

  • Fixed some minor bugs.

Update 0.11.1 released

11.06.15 18:00

List of changes:

Item crafting
  • Station for crafting of chasium power rods has been added to the game – now players will be able to provide energy sources for their colonies more effectively! To craft power rods, look for chasium and psylomel deposits in the open-world, the higher their quality – the more energetically efficient power rods you will create.

  • Colonists are now able to participate in new packs of missions on every planet in the game. Every planet provides a variety of missions, ranging by difficulty – be warned, the hardest ones will be very tough to finish alone!

Bug fixes
  • Refining stations now work properly, even if player is offline;

  • Syncronization problems with doors and passages has been fixed – no more stumbling into the opened doors!

  • Some minor bugs has been fixed.

Colonies Online game is in Early Access state – a lot of things are yet to be developed, we’re working on improving the game every day. If you encounter some serious bugs or technical difficulties, then let us know about them on the forums of the game or via e-mail: support@colonies-online.com!

Update 0.11.0 released

05.06.15 15:00

List of changes:

Item crafting

Finally! We’re proud to announce, that a new and very crucial element has been added to Colonies Online – weapon and armor crafting has arrived! From now on all the precious resources that were gathered and refined by colonists will be put to good use! Let’s talk about everything in detail:

  • All weapons are now divided into three archetypes – shotguns, pulse guns and rifles (more to come!) and there are new constructions to create them – "Weapon crafting stations".

  • The "Armor crafting station" has been added to the game – players are now able to create full armor sets by using it. To create any element of armor you will need at least these items: Xenodin (gathered from the strongest creatures), Iron (find the deposits in the open-world and extract the resource by using Resource Diggers or Resource Mines), and a new type of item – Armor Frames, you can purchase them from the Crafting Supply vendor at the Outpost Delta.

  • Many types of dyes were also introduced into the game – now you can paint your new craftable items as you wish. You can buy some dyes from the Crafting Supply vendor, or by fighting alien monsters.

Bonification of items

Bonification (French: ‘bonification’) – process of improving something, adding additional value. With the release of this update, by using the new construction named “Bonification Station”, players are now able to add nice bonuses to their equipment – both to purchased and crafted items.

Using bonification randomly adds from 1 to 3 additional bonuses to the chosen item. Remember, you can only bonificate the items that weren’t improved before!

Also you can find Bonicores at Outpost Delta – devices that can improve the parameters of each of the bonuses that can be added to an item by the bonification station.

The minimum essential requirements for the bonification to work are: the item that you want to improve, and also the spare parts – you can purchase them at the Outpost Delta, or find them by fighting monsters. Spare parts differ by quality – the better they are, the less you will need to successfully run the bonification.

Changes in the traders’ assortment
  • The list of items that you can purchase from vendors at Outpost Delta has been reduced – items of level 5 and 6 are not available any more. But fear not – you can create the most powerful items in the game by yourself: find rare resources, refine their quality and make some awesome sets of armor and weapons!

Bug fixes
  • Some minor bugs has been fixed.

Colonies Online game is in Early Access state – a lot of things are yet to be developed, we’re working on improving the game every day. If you encounter some serious bugs or technical difficulties, then let us know about them on the forums of the game or via e-mail: support@colonies-online.com!

Update 0.10.0 released

30.04.15 18:00

List of changes:


We are glad to introduce the first bunch of test missions in Colonies Online! You can acquire them from Owen, the Outpost Delta Commander. After successful completion of any mission, return to him to gather your rewards! We will be adding much more missions in future updates, you can count these as our "test flight".

  • Resource spawning system has been fully reworked – now you can always see and differentiate resource deposits visually;

  • Now you can build resource mines only on resource deposits and nowhere else;

  • By right-clicking on a deposit, now you will see the manual digging interface. To dig resources manually, you will need resource diggers, purchase them at the Outpost Delta!

  • Resource diggers will not longer spawn on the ground when used, instead they will be instantly depleted right from your inventory.

Refinement of Resources

We've added the resource refinement system into the game, now you can improve the quality of your chosen resources, but it will lessen their amount. To do that, you can use the new construction – the Refining Station!

Each Refining Station will be upgrading upon usage – the more often you use it, the better the refinement quality will be. Refined resources (especially rare ones) will play a very important role in our future updates!

Gameplay and Balance Changes
  • Now it will require less time to learn new abilities;

  • Parameters of all monsters has been reconfigured, we are continuing to improve game balance.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed the bug, that was causing the game crash, when player were trying to purchase items for high-level Xenodin;

  • Overall performance has been improved;

  • Some minor bugs has been fixed.

Colonies Online game is in Early Access state – a lot of things are yet to be developed, we’re working on improving the game every day. If you encounter some serious bugs or technical difficulties, then let us know about them on the forums of the game or via e-mail: support@colonies-online.com!

Update 0.9.2 released

12.03.15 17:00

List of changes:

Fog of war

The ‘fog of war’ system has been added to the game. Now some big obstacles like rocks or buildings will block your view – you won’t be able to see enemies that are hiding behind them!


We've added two new abilities for your characters, you can buy them at the Outpost Delta. Install them into your profession tree and learn them while fighting monsters!

  • Rank 1-6: Deals damage to enemies in front of the character and throws them away;

  • Ultimate: Creates a shock wave that deals damage to all enemies in its path and throws them away.

  • Rank 1-6: Character performs a quick roll in the direction of movement;

  • Ultimate: Character rushes forward, pushing and dealing damage to enemies in its path.


Three new combat skills were added to the game, improve those by adding unspent experience points to them after levelling up!

  • Haste – increases the speed at which the character moves;

  • Precision – increases the damage dealt by the character;

  • Hardness – reduces the amount of damage taken by the character.

Gameplay and balance changes
  • Overall health amount of players, monsters, ILUs and constructions has been lowered;

  • Weapon damage has been rebalanced, also the effective firing radius of all guns has been lowered – now players and turrets won't be able to shoot beyond their field of view;

  • Changes to experience gain system – now the amount of experience required to gain a new level won't be much bigger than the amount of experience that you've earned to gain your current level;

  • The game now displays pop-up messages, informing you about successful learning of a new ability.

Bug fixes
  • Fixed some minor bugs.

Colonies Online game is in Early Access state – a lot of things are yet to be developed, we’re working on improving the game every day. If you encounter some serious bugs or technical difficulties, then let us know about them on the forums of the game or via e-mail: support@colonies-online.com!

Update 0.9.1 (HOTFIX)

13.01.15 16:00

List of changes:

Bug Fixes
  • Performance and stability of the game servers has been improved;

  • Fixed the bug that was occured when player tried to use the "Recharge" ability on a character, which energy shield was upgraded by leveling up the "Reverberation" combat skill;

  • Fixed some minor bugs.

Colonies Online is in Early Access state – a lot of things are yet to be developed, we’re working on improving the game every day.

If you encounter some serious bugs or technical issues, let us know about them on the forums of the game or via e-mail: support@colonies-online.com!

Update 0.9.0 released

31.12.14 00:00

Ho-ho-ho, colonists!

Today we're introducing the latest update of this year for Colonies Online! We have worked tirelessly to be able to lay a solid foundation for complex and interesting combat system in the game with the release of this update.

List of changes:

The Combat System
  • We've redesigned the shooting mechanics – now DPS of guns are not so dependent on their rate of fire. From now on we offer a choice for the players – to use a rapid-fire weapons with reduced damage of each released bullet or to use slow siege types of guns, which low rate of fire is compensated by the high level of damage of every bullet;

  • Armor rating now has a working gameplay effect – you will be able to see a really big impact of armor rating on how much damage you incur when fighting enemies. Armor rating has a numerical grading, as well as the weapons rating – for example, an armor with combat rating 3 will significantly reduce the damage from weapons which combat rating value is below 3;

  • We've changed some health stats for the players, buildings, monsters and their relationship to each other – we are actively working on improving the balance of the game!

Professions and Abilities

We have added the first version of the professions in the game – now every colonist can acquire skills, make professions out of them and improve them while fighting alien monsters!

Please note, the development of professions and skills has only just begun – with future updates we will be adding new skills regularly to make your professions unique.

  • Professions are now available to every colonist in the new interface tab, in which you can make professions and track the progress of their leveling. Profession is a tree of 7 cells, in which you can put any skill you have acquired. The higher the numerical rating of the cell, the more powerful will be the ability that you'll place in it. Rating of the cells increases downwards from weakest to strongest.

  • Abilities – with this update we begin to test samples of abilities for the characters. Here are the first two – "Recharge" restores the capacity of your Shield power, and "Extra Clip" instantly recovers a certain number of rounds in your current weapon. You can purchase these abilities from the vendor at the Outpost Delta. To start using the ability, put it in the profession tree and go fight some monsters – this is how you will be leveling your profession and unlocking those pre-installed abilities. If you install multiple abilities in a row, they will be unlocked in order one by one. The efficiency of an ability depends on the rating of a slot in which it is installed.

Combat Levels

From now you'll gain experience by fighting monsters, which will be getting you new combat levels. When you will gain enough experience, you will be taken to a new combat and get points that will allow you to enhance the various parameters of your character!

After receiving combat points, open the corresponding interface for their distribution and improve your skills – in this version of the game you can spend points to enhance toughness of your character or to improve shields your hero. However, those two skills won't be the only ones forever – stay tuned for next updates!

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed some minor bugs.

Colonies Online game is in Early Access state – a lot of things are yet to be developed, we’re working on improving the game every day. If you encounter some serious bugs or technical difficulties, then let us know about them on the forums of the game or via e-mail: support@colonies-online.com!

We wish you a Happy New Year! Go get some rest, you deserve it. Good luck and see you all in 2015!

Update 0.8.5 released

26.11.14 14:00

Hello, colonists!

Here comes the new update for Colonies Online! This time we’ve added several useful interface elements, which will make your gameplay much more comfortable, and also we’ve fixed some bugs that appeared after the release of previous update.

List of changes:


The waypoints system has been added to the game – from now players can create their own waypoints and map markers to navigate trough the game world.

  • System waypoints was added. Game will generate them automatically: the waypoint to the Outpost Delta, the waypoint to the crash site, waypoints to player’s ILU’s;

  • Added the option for players to create their own map markers: from now players can create user waypoints on the map in two different ways – accordingly to their position in the world or with the custom coordinates field.

Command Panel

The first iteration of the command panel has been added – now colonists can create “shortcuts” to use items from their inventory – to do so, just drag and drop the item in empty slot on the command panel. To activate a slot, just right-click on it.

In future this panel will be developed further – we’re planning to introduce abilities for characters in the next updates :)

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed bug with incorrect rotation of surgical stations;

  • Added working energy shield for surgical stations;

  • Increased performance of the game client;

  • Fixed some minor bugs.

Colonies Online game is in Early Access state – a lot of things are yet to be developed, we’re working on improving the game every day. If you encounter some serious bugs or technical difficulties, then let us know about them on the forums of the game or via e-mail: support@colonies-online.com!

Update 0.8.4 released

17.10.14 12:00

In nothing do men more nearly approach the gods than in giving health to men.

Good day, colonists!

With this update we’ve added several things – surgical station, a new resource – the biomass, and a healing mechanics! All these innovations are focused on making your gameplay more comfortable, interesting and diverse.

List of changes:

Surgical Station
  • Added a new construction – the surgical station. Now you can build it and heal yourself and other players with it! Also you can set prices for medical treatment at your station – it will be not only useful but also profitable! Surgical station require biomass to work.

  • Added a new resource – the biomass, you can now gather it from monsters. Higher level monsters will provide biomass of higher quality, and it will lead to better quality of treatment at the surgical station.

Watch your health! :)

Colonies Online game is in Early Access state – a lot of things are yet to be developed, we’re working on improving the game every day. If you encounter some serious bugs or technical difficulties, then let us know about them on the forums of the game or via e-mail: support@colonies-online.com!

Update 0.8.3 (HOTFIX)

08.10.14 17:00

Hello, colonists!

We continue to improve game performance – that task was our primary focus while we were making this update.

List of changes:

Bug Fixes
  • Game optimization – server lag has been reduced, game client performance has been increased.

See you in the game!

Colonies Online game is in Early Access state – a lot of things are yet to be developed, we’re working on improving the game every day. If you encounter some serious bugs or technical difficulties, then let us know about them on the forums of the game or via e-mail: support@colonies-online.com!

Update 0.8.2 released

03.10.14 20:00

Hello, colonists!

Today’s update is small but very important, because it lays a foundation for the new game mechanic and also fixes some critical technical errors that were preventing a comfortable gameplay.

List of changes:

Interaction With Constructions
  • We’ve added the “channeling” mechanic to the game – it means that game now can contain some direct interactions that require time to be finished. In this update you can see an example of channeling while deploying a resource digger, and in future updates we’ll add more different game mechanics that will contain channeling.

Bug Fixes
  • Game optimization – server lag has been significantly reduced.

  • Lowered amount of crashes of the game client.

  • Fixed – no more crashes of the game client when player deletes a Facility that contains turrets.

Colonies Online game is in Early Access state – a lot of things are yet to be developed, we’re working on improving the game every day. If you encounter some serious bugs or technical difficulties, then let us know about them on the forums of the game or via e-mail: support@colonies-online.com!

Update 0.8.1 released

18.09.14 17:00

My house is my castle.
Someone very wise.

Good day, colonists!

Introducing update 0.8.1! This version features several important improvements that affect both the balance of the game and the overall feel of the gameplay. Let’s see each of them in detail:

List of changes:

  • New model for turrets.

  • New principle of work for all turrets – now you can buy a basic platform for a turret and then install any gun on it! Now with the development of your colony you can always replace current turret’s gun with more effective one.

  • The cost of a defencive platform is much lower than the cost of an entire turret – you can buy more powerful weapons for turrets on saved money.

  • Turrets now require more energy to work.

  • Changes in the balance of resource mining – now diggers extract resources more often!

  • Resources selling cost reduced.

Interaction with the constructions
  • Now players can not interact with the established constructions and their interfaces through obstacles - such as walls, doors, windows, etc. With this improvement in mind, colonists can safely place their constructions closely to the walls without fear of being robbed :D

  • Significantly reduced the power of ILU’s shields – now in will be much easier to destroy the ILU of other colonist. All the ILU’s, that were deployed in the game’s world at the moment of the update, were undeployed.

Early Access

We are pleased to announce that with this update we start a special promotion: when you purchase Early Access to the game you get a Starter Pack with Scout items for free! This will ease the entry point to the Colonies Online for new players.

Bug Fixes
  • The game works again on Windows XP!

  • Fixed bug with incorrect display of the cursor when you start the game not through a Steam.

  • Fixed some bugs.

Do not forget, the game is in early access state - a lot of things are yet to be developed, we’re working on improving the game every day. If you encounter some serious bugs or technical difficulties, then let us know about them on the forums of the game!

Update 0.8.0 released

29.08.14 20:00

Translation from the command: "All units, immediately commence resource gathering protocol! Full-scale expansion is in progress. No excuses!"

Good day, colonists!

Here comes the update 0.8! We put a lot of effort into the development of the Colonies Online, and this update lays an important foundation on the way to the final incarnation of the game - a persistent universe where players have all the tools to become a true space colonists!

Attention! When the game starts, not from under Steam may be problems displaying the cursor. Run the application as an administrator to resolve this issue.

List of changes:


We have added resource gathering to the game. Now here are three types of resources: minerals, crystals and polymers. Within these types we've implemented a variety of resources that you can extract. Resources are divided into common and rare - common ones you can usually find in large quantities, but rare will be more difficult to locate, and you can't extract much of them in one place.

Full list of added resources and their gradation of rareness you can read on our forum: http://colonies-online.com/en/forums/topic?id=288.

To start mining resources, you will need the following things:

  • Resource Digger - portable disposable device with limited amount of uses, which you can use for sampling soil for the presence of minerals. There are three types of diggers - one for each resource type. Important note: gather rare resources with this device, using mine to extract small amount of recourses is unprofitable!

  • Resource Mine - construct, designed for automatic large-scale resource extraction. Mines are also divided into three types according to resources they can extract. Don't forget that you will need power generators for mines to work.

Currently you can sell resources to vendors, but we recommend to reserve a part of them for yourself - in the next major content patch they will come very handy (shh, we did not say anything to you).


Now defensive turrets require energy to work, so you need to have in mind that a power generator now is a must to protect your facility.

The character's health
  • The rate of character's life regeneration has been highly reduced.

  • Added the chance to get a non-regenerable wounds when monsters inflict damage directly to your healthbar. To replenish your health just visit a medic on the outpost of the first planet.

Energy shields for the characters

There is a new way for colonists to protect their precious health - an energy shield! Purchase one of these on the outpost of the first planet, but also do not forget to buy some quark batteries to power your shield.

Bug fixes, major game optimization

Do not forget, the game is in early access state - a lot of things are yet to be developed, we're working on improving the game every day. If you encounter some serious bugs or technical difficulties, then let us know about them on the forums of the game!

Attention! Temporarely disabled support of Windows XP.

Update 0.7.6 released

02.06.14 20:00

List of changes:

Bug fixes
  • Fixed incorrect turrets work.

  • Fixed problem when simultaneous use of several Defense Control terminals in one facility.

Update 0.7.5 released

30.05.14 23:00

Update introduces the possibility to defend facilities from hostile players.

List of changes:

  • Aggro system have been сhanged. Character will less often get into a fight caused by monsters aggro.

  • In facilities management has appeared aggro. Two modes are available. In Defense Mode the facility turrets will attack hostile characters. In Aggressive Mode the turret will attack all unknown characters. Attention before turning Aggressive Mode - make sure that your character is in the White List, otherwise the turret will immediately shoot at him.

  • In facilities have the ability to add characters to the Black List. These characters will be attacked by facilities turrets as soon as they fall into the range of visibility, regardless of the mode. Also you can add characters to the White List. Characters from the White List will never be attacked by facilities turrets.

  • Turrets will now attack hostile players. Turrets work defined by defense settings of facility to which they relate.

  • Vendors have a new terminal - Defense Control Terminal. With it you can select the facilities defense mode as well as add and remove characters from the black and white lists. Terminal will be able to used by any player who can gain access to it, therefore to place the terminal in a well-protected place.

  • Strength of the walls equipped with an energy shield has been increased.

  • The capacity of the energy shield and its rate of recovery has been increased.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed opportunity to cheat character position and speed of its movement.

Update 0.7.4 released

29.04.14 03:00

Minor update adds new features and changes some of the game mechanics.

List of changes:

  • Evacuation beacon can be purchased from vendors at the Outpost. Using this beacon a character can be relocated to a point available for evacuation, which can be at ILU of the character or a squad member. Evacuation to the Outpost is also possible. Only the points located in the same planet as the character are available for evacuation. Characters involved in a combat cannot be evacuated.

Penalty for Death
  • Character death becomes a more unpleasant happening for a player. From now on, upon death a character loses 10% of cash, additionally their armor is damaged by 10% from its maximum durability.

  • Items acquired from a vendor now automatically get piled in a stack, if such option is available.

  • Vendors at the Outpost Delta now offer silver, gold and platinum ingots of various values. Ingots are purchased and traded at low margins which makes them a favourable form of saving.

  • In construction properties it became possible to move the already installed constructions to a new place.

Update 0.7.3 released

17.04.14 19:00

Apart from some minor technical corrections update makes some changes in the constructions balance.

List of changes:

  • Prices for all constructions have been reduced.

  • Value ​​of the energy shield and its rate of regeneration in the walls have been increased.

Update 0.7.2 released

05.04.14 13:00

Beginner players will now be able to quickly adapt in the world of Colonies Online due to Guide messages which were introduced n this update. As well as that, some bugs that caused apparition of lairs in place of constructions are fixed.

List of changes:

  • Guide messages will allow players to quickly get acquainted with all the key features of Colonies Online implemented at the moment.

  • Since now, on the first planet after a lair is destroyed one defender monster appears, killing this monster is rewarded higher.

  • Monster population levels were changed on all the planets. Now the monster force gradually increases from the first to the sixth planet.

Russian Language Support
  • Language is selected in the launcher when the game starts.

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed a bug that caused apparition of lairs in place of installed constructions of players.

Update 0.7.1 released

17.03.14 20:00

Minor update which introduces the possibility of arranging containers and storing items inside them. Some bugs got fixed as well.

List of changes:

  • Containers became available. Container is a construction used for item storage. Containers are subject to the general rules of construction arrangement. Note that items can be deposited in or taken out of the container by any character able to take advantage of the container. Upon destruction of the container, all the items deposited inside it are destroyed.

  • Construction performance has been improoved.

  • Capacity of loot containers has been increased.

Bugs Fixes
  • Fixed crash upon planet transfer or respawn.

  • Fixed door functionality.

Update 0.7.0 released

07.03.14 17:00

An opportunity to use elements of construction for building appeared in the game. Constructions are one of the main features of Colonies Online. In this update only the most basic features of construction opportunity are implemented, at the moment constructions can only provide security to the characters. In the future we are planning to regularly add various devices which will make buildings a crucial aspect of the game. Various elements of construction will help players build almost anything, from a small home to a large fortified colony.

List of changes:

  • Facility, or building, is a group of constructions, it includes general game mechanics associated with construction process. Energy network is connected to a building to ensure functioning of energy-requiring construction elements. To differentiate access to facilities and constructions for a number of characters, one may assign different roles to characters.

  • Construction is an element of the facility. This may be a fragment of the floor or ceiling, a wall, or some device. You can purchase constructions from a special vendor on the starting planet.

Power Supply
  • Some constructions have got features that require energy, e.g. the energy shield of the walls which only functions when the facility is supplied with sufficient energy. Energy is produced by special devices - power generators.

Detailed description of the new opportunities is available on the forum.

Update 0.6.1 released

04.12.13 17:00

List of changes:

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug that caused incorrect work of the game on the configurations with AMD graphics cards.

Visual Improvements
  • Several visual improvements have been made.

Colonies Online Official Forum launched

02.12.13 13:00

We are pleased to announce, that the long-awaited, dedicated to our game forum launched on our website. There are many topics that we can not wait to discuss with players and our forum should be the perfect place for this. Description of game features, our plans, guides and tips for beginners - all this and more can be found in sections of the forum. We always look forward to you the Colonies Online Official Forum, and hope that the forum will be a place pleasant communication!

Update 0.6.0 released

01.10.13 13:00

List of changes:

  • Loot appeared in the game. From now on for killing monsters and characters the player will receive a variety of items. The loot received automatically appears in a special container in the inventory interface. The player can at any time shift items from loot container to inventory. If the loot container is full, the player will not be able to loot and all the items intended for the player will be lost. Make sure that your container always has got room for new items!

  • For killing other characters players will now receive loot instead of unars. Loot from the character is a number of items from his loot container. Move especially valuable trophies from loot container to inventory if you do not want to lose them in battles with other players.

Equipment price change
  • Purchasing of advanced equipment now requires special items - Xenodins. Xenodins are available as loot for killing Queens who appear from lairs at all the planets except the starting planet.

Update 0.5.0 released

15.08.13 23:00

List of changes:

Game currency
  • Game currency "Unar" and its small unit "Santim" (abbreviated as Un and Sn correspondingly) were introduced in the game.

  • All prices that had previously been given in score points were converted to unars.

  • Score points accumulated at the accounts of characters were converted to unars at the rate of 100 scores = 1 unar.

  • From now on rewards for killing monsters and destroying lairs are credited in unars.

Item sale
  • A new option of selling items out to vendors is introduced. To sell a spare item from your inventory, open interface of any available vendor and right-click on the item.

  • The price to quote for an item can be found in item tooltip.

  • Some items can not be sold. The only way to get rid of them is to destroy.

Laser sight
  • In combat control mode, weapons acquired a laser sight that will allow to shoot straight and to not waste ammo on nothing.

  • In vendors interface weapons and armor now appear as icons.

Update 0.4.0 released

10.06.13 12:00

List of changes:

Game Store
  • The project appeared game store. We invite everyone to see the range and the possibility to buy vending products. The store has everything you need for the survival of the colonists, from the simple but good-quality equipment to exclusive sets of armor and deadly weapons.

    Special virtual currency used to pay for purchases in the store. Fill up the account balance, you can in your account by selecting the method of payment.

    All purchased items will be available in the game in a special terminal Item Pick Point located on the base.

Project Contribution Program
  • In the store you will be able to take part in the project contribution program. Buying kits you will help promote the development of the project, helping us to get additional funds for its development. This will allow us to quickly add new original features in the game. All participants of the project contribution program will be mentioned in the credits of the project, as well as their names will be imprinted on the Monument Space Pioneers in the game. Some kits contribution program, as well allow you to take part in the creation of the project. By purchasing this kits you can see in the game you invented a monster, designed set of armor, a ride on a vehicle constructed, and even walk on his own planet!

    Combine business with pleasure, and if you can afford it, to embody their dreams in the project and help us to develop it!

    Be attentive, some of the features offered in the store are not yet implemented and will be available later as they are implemented.

Early Access
  • Now in order to take part in the testing of the project, is necessary after registering on the site, wait for an invitation to test Colonies Online. Invitations are sent randomly selected users once in a while. You can also buy one of the sets of early access to the game and start playing immediately.

    All accounts created prior to the 0.4 update will automatically have access to the game.

  • Now, when you try to shoot a fully discharge weapon, it will be reloaded automatically. But as always, you can reload it themselves at any moment.

Update 0.3.2 released

05.12.12 17:00

The game server 0.3.2 patch installed. The lair behavior mechanics has been changed. Fixed several critical bugs.

List of changes:

  • All lairs, except the entry level, give rise to waves of monsters defenders. Defenders of a more tenacious and make more damages.
  • Each wave of defenders imposes energy shield on the lair, making it virtually invulnerable.
  • The energy shield is disappear when all of the monsters from the wave has been destroyed .
  • The reward for the destruction of lair divided between the destruction of each wave and the destruction of the lair.

  • Lairs no longer appear in the vicinity of the glade. Arrive on an unknown planet is much safer!


  • Fixed problem with item moving from inventiry to ILU..
  • Fixed problem with entering to the game, when you activate your account or reset your password.

Update 0.3.1 released

26.11.12 15:00

The game server 0.3.0 patch installed. Many new things added to the game. Players can now explore the new worlds, is not very friendly with the local inhabitants. The strength of the local fauna can now change over time, depending on the player's actions. However, players also did not disadvantaged. At their disposal now have different sets of armor, and Individual Landing Units (ILU) - a small mobile base that will help the players danger in distant and danger worlds.

List of changes:

Travel between the planets
  • You can use the flight terminal (STS terminals) to travel to other planets. The terminals are located on the base, and in the ILU. Each sector of the planet has a place to land - a small meadow. It is in these meadow, players can fly with its own ILU. But the place is in a meadow not infinite. If in the desired sector, for your ILU no place you can get it only through the squad members ILU, or landed in a nearby sector. Fly away from the main base only available when boarding the shuttle. To fly through ILU, you must call shuttle first. Pay attention to the timer in the STS terminal.
Individual Landing Unit (ILU)

  • ILU - a means of interplanetary travel, a small mobile camp, which will help players in difficult situations in dangerous planets. To control the ILU can be used appropriately window interface. Through the window you can change various ILU modules, you can reset ILU, and also can deploy your ILU. ILU can be deployed only if you are in the meadow, where your ILU has a place and if your ILU not deployed somewhere else. Deployed ILU can be destroyed by monsters and other players. In case of destruction ILU, player loses all installed modules, and it needs to reset ILU, before installing the new modules. For the functioning of ILU it should be set to at least the module Core. Different in type and quality modules for ILU can be purchased from the appropriate vendor on the main base.
  • ILU automatically deployed when the player arrives to a meadow, where there are no squad members ILU.
  • Player`s ILU roll up if the player flies through a ILU STS terminal.
  • Player`s ILU will remain on the planet if a player uses for flight for members of the squad ILU, or main base STS terminal.
  • Player`s ILU is not turned off at the exit of the character of the game and exist in the world until it is roll up or eliminated.


  • Added the ability to choose their character respawn after death. Players can now choose between the available places to respawn. Player can always come to life on the main base. As well, can be used ILU character and his squad if the ILU is on the same planet on which character died.


  • The characters appeared inventory. All purchased items are now automatically placed in your inventory.
  • Item can be removed from the inventory by dragging it out of the inventory window.


  • There was a window where you can change gear equipment and weapons of the character.
  • Have an additional weapon slot. Now you can switch between the first and second arms (press "F").
  • Equipment can not be changed if the character is in combat.


  • Some armor set available now for your character. Armor increases the survival of the character. Carefully read through merchant armor assortment. The "armor" reduces all damage to a character. Just as many armor sets have additional resistance to one of the influences.

Decay / repair

  • Durability of all equipment items now reduced from their use (shots for weapons, hits for armor).
  • To restore durability players can use the Armory terminals. You can select one of two repair options. When cheapest option fix maximum durability item will be significantly reduced, with more expensive decreased slightly, and with a small probability will remain unchanged.

Evolution of planet

  • All the planets (except home) introduced populations and the evolution of the level of monsters. Now the players directly affect the number and strength of the monsters on each planet.

Update 0.2.0 released

09.02.12 17:00

Today the first update was installed on the game server. Players can now join in the group - squads, and will be able to see each other on the radar and map and to communicate with each other in the channel group.

List of changes:

  • You can create your own squad, inviting the player who is not in another squad.
  • The award is divided equally among the members of the squad who located within the reward radius. Reward still distributed in proportion to the harm from the players/squads.
  • Players do not participate in the distribution of rewards for the elimination of a member of his squad.
  • The maximum size of the squad - 10 characters.
  • To control the squad following commands are available:
    /invite, /inv <Character Name> - invite the other character in the squad (available to the leader of the squad)
    /squit, /sq - leave the squad
    /promote, /pr <Character Name> - pass leadership to the specified character (available to the leader of the squad)
    /kick <Character Name> - remove the specified character from the squad (available to the leader of the squad)

  • You can send a message to memebrs of your squad:
    /squad, /sq - send message to squad channel


  • Changed display of the other players on the radar. Now they are different from the monsters. The members of your squad appear on the radar of the green icons, the other players yellow.
  • Fixed display of collisions of objects on the radar at the start of the game.

Planetary map

  • On the map shows the location of the base of the planet and the members of your squad.


  • Combat mode is now switched to non-combat when your character is dead.
  • This application does not crash when you try to switch to full screen on Alt + Enter.

The first version of the site

08.12.11 10:00

We have just launched a website dedicated to our wonderful game. So far the website does not contain a lot of information and not all links are working, but soon it will be working in full force and effect. We will tell you what has already been done with the project and what is still ahead. Hopefully, with the help of this website you will get updates on the latest developments in our project, find new friends, and will be able to share your opinions and suggestions for the project.

So, welcome to the Colonies website!

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