Hi, colonists!
As you probably know, we’ve released update 0.8 and with it added the ability to gather resources in the game. You can learn more about the update on corresponding page, but here I want to give a more detailed classification of types of resources that have been added to the game.

Now there are three categories of resources - minerals, crystals and polymers. Each category include several types of resources, which also are divided on common and rare. Rare resources will be a very important part of the gameplay in the future.

More specifically:
Common minerals: Iron, Titan, Uran;
Rare minerals: Khevron, Magnen;

Common crystals: Ellerium, Dialin;
Rare crystals: Trubin, Chroxin, Chasium;

Common polymers: Polynox, Psylomel, Phenel;
Rare polymers: Barrix, Verdonix.

Important note: gather rare resources with a resource digger, using mine to extract small amount of recourses is unprofitable! In closest hotfix we will add a method for distinguishing of rarity of the resources directly in the game, but in the meantime you can use this text as a "cheat sheet".

Currently you can sell resources to vendors, but we recommend to reserve a part of them for yourself - in the next major content patch they will come very handy - crafting is not far off :)
When crafting comes out, will we need iron and titan if we have Uran? Do higher quality materials make lower ones obsolete?
Now, they won't make lower ones obsolete, all materials will be important :)
Ok cool, any idea when Crafting is coming?
Vindex, craft will be introduced this month or in October.
Ok cool, keep up the good work!
any idea when this update coming out?
Unfortunately crafting system will be postponed to another date.
Report a certain date, we can not.
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