An opportunity to use elements of construction for building appeared in the game. Constructions is one of the main features of Colonies Online. In this update only the most basic features of construction opportunity are implemented, at the moment constructions can only provide security to the characters. In the future we are planning to regularly add various devices which will make buildings a crucial aspect of the game. Various elements of construction will help players build almost anything, from a small home to a large fortified colony.


Facility, or building, is a group of constructions, it includes general game mechanics associated with construction process. Energy network is connected to a building to ensure functioning of energy-requiring construction elements. To differentiate access to facilities and constructions for a number of characters, one may assign different roles to characters. Constructions of a building can only be located at one planet and occupy an area bounded by a maximum radius of the building. You are free to construct on any planet except starting planet.

Each character has a list of facilities available for action. To access the list of facilities click the icon in the top bar of the game interface, or use hot key <K>. Only the facilities located on the same planet as the character may become subject to action. The remaining facilities will be unavailable and marked grey in the list. <New> button allows to create a new facility . <Properties> button or double-click on the facility opens up the properties window of the selected facility. <Build it> button allows to select building to be constructed - all the construction elements created afterwards will refer to the selected facility.

Facility’s availability is determined by the role of the character in the facility’s access list, which occurs in a separate tab of the Properties window of a particular facility. The interface of access list allows you to add characters to the list and assign roles. Currently there are two roles to choose from:

* Supervisor - can perform any action upon a building or constructions of the building.
* Builder - can perform any action upon a construction, such as install or remove a construction, etc.

Upon removal of a building all the constructions, referring to this building, are removed.


Construction is an element of facility. You can purchase constructions from a special vendor on the starting planet.

Depending on the allocation constructions refer to one of these types:

* Floor
* Wall
* Device
* Roof

Each construction, naturally, takes up some space. Therefore, constructions of the same type cannot be put in one and the same place.

To start installation of constructions, you should mark the required building in the list of facilities available for the character. Then right-click on the element of construction to initiate the mode of construction set up. In this mode you can spot the appropriate place and insert the construction by pressing the left mouse button. Right-click resets mode of construction installation. In the process of installation the construction can be rotated with keys '<' and '>'. Note that construction cannot be installed while the character is engaged in combat. The installed construction cannot be undeployed into an object. Facilities cannot be built in proximity to glades and roads.

To open the window of construction properties, hold <SHIFT> key and right-click the construction. So far the only available option is removal.

Note that it is possible both to inflict damage and completely destroy constructions.

Power Supply

Some constructions have got features that require energy, e.g. the energy shield of the walls which only functions when the facility is supplied with sufficient energy. Energy is produced by special devices - power generators.

Each facility has got a separate power grid. Energy supply of a certain facility is composed of energy amounts produced by generators which belong to this facility. In case of shortage, part of constructions quit to function. The amount of energy consumed and generated can be followed in the properties window of the facility.

Description of constructions

Floor. Floor is a primary construction element carrying a decorative function. In this update several types of floor constructions are available.

Roof. Roof is a construction element that currently carries a purely decorative function but in the future will serve as protection from intrusion. Several types of roofs are available in this update.

Wall. Wall is a defensive construction. Some types of walls allow protection with energy shield. Apart from that, shapes of walls vary depending on their purpose. Several types of roofs for various purposes are available in this update.

Fence. Fence is a structure with minor defensive functions.

Door. Door is a functional construction used to restrict access of characters to the facility. Doors can only be used for entrance by characters listed in the facility’s access list. Right-click the door to open or close it.

Power Generator. Power generator supplies power grid of a facility. To function, generator requires propellant in the form of power rod. Power rod is an object that can be obtained from a vendor. Each power rod has got a limited life. To start energy production, open the properties window of the generator and put power rod into a special slot.

Turret. Turret is a construction for active defense of facility. In this update turret attacks only approaching monsters.
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