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24.10.14 10:00

Construction of a colony as a key to success!

Divine Nature gave the fields, human art built the cities.
Marcus Terentius Varro.

Greetings, colonists!

It’s Nick Borschew again, and today I’ll tell you about all aspects of base-building in the Colonies Online – with this information you wll be able to undertand our game much quicker, plus, yow will learn to build your constructions much more effectively and with them protect your hard earned in-game fortune.

Let’s start from the beginning. So, you’ve decided to build your first cabin in the wilderness. What do you need for it?

At first you need to purchase some modules for your ILU – Individual Landing Unit, which will alllow you to transfer to other planet.

Purchase these modules from the ILU Vendor at the Outpost on the first planet – firstly you will need a Core Module, but I also recommend you to buy a Shield Module – it will significantly increase chances of your ILU to stay safe in your absence.

After purchasing of some modules press L key to open the ILU Management Screen, and insert those modules in a corresponding slots.

Then you should talk with Construction Vendor at the Outopost and buy all construction blocks that you’ll need to build a colony (I will speak about the types of blocks further in this post) – you should try to get generators, turrets and security terminal as quickly as possible to ensure uninterrupted operation and protection of your colony.

Generators will require a power sources to work – buy some Chasium Power Rods from the same Construction Vendor.

Now you can travel to another planet – walk to the STS-terminal at the Outpost, choose a planet and landing sector, click Transfer – and you're flying at a given point! Just do not forget to set aside some money for a return ticket :D

Welcome to the distant and dangerous planet! You need to make some preparations before you start building: firstly walk away rather far off from the landing glade (just remember which way you went!) – you will be able to build there, and also your colony won’t be exposed to everyone who lands on the same glade. After selecting of a suitable location, press K to call up the Facility Management Screen.

Facility is a complex of constructions, that are united together in single network, in which they share common parameters like energy usage, security and ownership rights. Every construction that you build must be linked to the Facility. You can create Facilities on every planet except the first one. Every facility links to a planet where it was founded. You can set ownership rights and track energy usage of the Facility in the Facility Management Screen.

Create a new Facility, attach a name to it and then activate it’s Building Mode – just press Build button of preferred Facility. To place an construction, use it in your inventory with a right-click and point with your mouse on planet’s surface – if highlited silhouette of a block is yellow – then you can place it on a surface with left-click. You can rotate an construction before placing – use < and > keys. After placing a block you can move or destroy it – hold down the Shift button and right-click on the construction of your choise, then you will see a special window that provide instruments for rotation or permament demolition of that construction.

If silhouette of a block is red, it means that maybe you are not far enough from your ILU, or you had not activated “Building-in-progress” mode on your facility, or had not created a new facility, or your character is in combat (in that case your avatar’s border will glow red).

You’ve successfully installed your first construction? Congratulations with beginning of your own colony!

Important things to consider while building a colony:
  • Do not forget to provide energy for your Facility, check it often, place more Energy Generators with Power Rods in them – without energy your walls won’t be protected by energy shields and your turrets won’t shoot at enemies!
  • Try to build your colony in cooperation with others – this way it will be easier to you to gather resources and also yoiu will be able to count on your teammates to cover your back while you’re busy with building.
  • When starting a new colony, try to build energy generator as fast as you can, also it will be good to place it in confined building. Also defend your perimeter with turrets – in that case it will be much easier and safer to build, you won’t need to distract at treats often.
  • Don’t forget to close doors in your buildings, otherwise someone neitral and sneaky will be able to infiltrate your base and rob you and configure your defences against you!

Now I want to tell you more about constructions that you can use in the current version of the game (remember, Colonies Online is far from release, we’re planning to add much more constructions and their variations).

Right now you can purchase all the constructions that are available in the game from Construction Vendor at the Outpost on the starting planet:


The basis of your building. There are several types of them - internal and external. External walls provide more protection - their armor is thicker and they have a shield generators.

Corner walls

Connector blocks that will help you to make confined spaces. Also packed with shield generators.


Clever way to protect your building from unauthorized visitors. Only allowed members of your facility can use your doors! (You can configurate your facility by pressing K).


Because you don’t want to find yourself frozen on the bare ground.


In future they will help to protect your base from “DEATH FROM ABOVE!” scenarios.


For claustrofobic folks. Let the turrets and monsters do their job while you rest and enjoy the sight through bullet-proof glass!

Power Generators

Important part, they are needed for your shield’s generators and turrets to work, just don’t forget to place enough Chasium Rods in them!


You always neet to guarantee a good security for you and your loot – buy some turrets and powerful guns, install those guns into turrets (Shift + Right-click), configure their behavior as you like through security terminals and let them do their work! Just don’t get under friendly fire. Also, don’t forget to build enough energy generators for turrets to work.

Security Terminals

On terminals like these you can configure behavior of your turrets, make white-lists and black-lists of people that you want or don’t want them to shoot on sight.

Item Storages

Being a colonist is a hard work, and earning goods is a big part of it. You need to store those somewhere - thees crates will come in handy.

Resource Mines

Constructions, designed for automatic large-scale resource extraction. Mines are also divided into three types according to resources they can extract. Don't forget that you will need power generators for mines to work.

Surgical Stations

These are very useful constructions – surgical station can heal wounds of any player. Build your own surgical station and heal yourself and other players! Also, you can set prices for treatment in your surgical station and make profit from it’s work. Surgical station needs the Biomass to work – you can gain it by killing monsters. Higher level monsters will provide biomass of higher quality, and it will lead to better quality of treatment at the surgical station.

I hope that all this information will be useful for you, and with it you soon be able to build your first space settlement. It will begin from a small outpost and will grow into a real military base with powerful defences in a blink of an eye!

Important note: we do understand, that game right now contains not so huge diversity of construction blocks – we will absolutely be adding much more of those in course of development. However, we’ve created a system for base-building in a way that allows you to experiment and to combine, to look for nonstandart desicions. Don’t forget about it, be brave and build your uniqie colony!


See you soon!



16.09.14 12:00

Welcome, space colonists!

Humanity is not forever chained to this planet
and our opportunities are unlimited.
Neil Armstrong, the first man on the Moon.

Hello, world!

Let me introduce myself: my name is Nikita Borschew, I will be writing here on behalf of the Iron Bit – our small, independent and very passionate team. Now we’re developing the game of our dream – Colonies Online. We work every day make a game in which anyone can rightfully be called a real space colonist!

In this post I'll tell you a bit about us, our game and our vision of its future. Later in this blog I will talk more about the individual game elements and new features in the game, and will post some interesting stuff for anyone who just like we loves to dream about the future, when humanity will leave it’s cradle and rush to the distant stars.

The Iron Bit studio was founded by Igor Mikhalchishin and Pavel Duvanov – two experienced game developers. History of creation of our studio is quite classical – a few years ago, Igor and Pavel decided to create their own game: sandbox, in which fantastic world will be combined with the full freedom to all players who live in it – memory about first iterations of Star Wars Galaxies and Ultima Online were still fresh. The idea was to make a game for the players who love deep and challenging gameplay. Start-up capital was invested, a plan of development was made – with all "pros" and "cons" in minds, Paul and Igor decided, that it will be more beneficial for the game if it will be developed without a publisher.

That’s how we started our work on the independent game. Gradually, the team was growing – our studio now consists of six people. Together we continue to follow the set course and believe that even a game that focused on the hardcore audience can become popular, the good examples are Eve Online, DayZ – their players like hard and complex gameplay, and developers successfully meet such needs.

Now many gameplay elements was already implemented by us, but there is much work to be done. Our ultimate goal is to create a game in which all players will be in the same futuristic world, in which any of the colonists could affect it’s progression and story. We want you to unite with others, to built cities and facilities, to make friends and enemies, to trade, to hunt dangerous monsters – in short, make your own history of space colonization, and we work hard to provide you with all the necessary tools.

The central idea in the philosophy of the game is the idea that every action has it’s consequences. In the colonies, no one and nothing is safe: all items, weapons, resources, buildings, settlements and intel – all of it can be created, defended, conquered and destroyed by the players. You will have to think and plan all your actions to successfully preserve and enhance your progress – we won’t restrict your freedom, you will be able to choose your way to achieve your goals. Unite with other players in a military alliance, become a rogue trader or be elusive bounty hunter - the desicion is yours.

All the principles of game design that we are laying the game are aimed to make you interact with other colonists as often as possible: we want our community to generate its own interesting stories, which will be remembered in the world of Colonies Online.

Several independent colonists met in the famous trading colony, established by players, consisting in the merchant enclave. Each of our heroes previously had found something valuable in the game world: someone discovered the deposit of precious resource, someone looted the rare ability from a boss, and someone created a unique and very powerful set of military ammunition. Together they decide to take part in a local auction – they talk with it’s owner about storing their products at his warehouse for trade.

He agrees and makes an announcement on trade channels: "On the planet Gamma-6 in the sector A-C my auction received a shipment of rare items, we invite everyone to participate in fair trade!"

Auction attracts more and more players, the stakes get higher, but also it raises attention of a militaristic enclave of players, which controls several border sectors on this planet. Enclave gathers strength and marches to the Sector A-C to plunder all the goods, as well as to make it their territory – now they will demand fees from anyone who dares to do any activities on their zone of influence.

But do not forget, at that time on a nearby planet a democratic union of players is growing in ranks, and they do not like the aggressive approach of militaristic enclave. Also, there is rumors that next to sector A-C monsters begin to appear from the hives in much larger quantities, and they are much more powerful than usual - why would they do it?..

How will this story end? No one knows, because at any moment players can turn everything upside down!

We want players to create and participate in many stories like this, right now we are working on features that will make it possible. If you like the idea of our game, we are happy to share our dream with you! We welcome any support that you can do: testing the game, writing opinions and talking on the forums, making media-materials and offering some ideas, speading the word about the game to your friends and communities.

Soon I'll tell you in detail about building mechanics in our game and show some examples of what you can build in our game right now!


Return to the blog more often!



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